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Free shipping on all fitting orders over $200
Lineset Standard & Mini-Split Polymeric Black

Lineset Standard & Mini-Split Polymeric Black

Black UV flexible foam insulation linesets specifically designed for lineset, HVAC, mechanical and plumbing lines in commercial and residential buildings. It consists of an insulation core with a flexible, factory applied polymeric protective covering designed to prevent damage to the insulation from sunlight, installation and physical abuse. The material is a moisture-resistant and UV-resistant product with a durable flexible jacket specially designed for lineset applications. This tougher new coating can take the abuse of challenging installations and stands up to extreme elements like UV, heat and cold making it a great choice for outdoor installations-

• Meets ASTM B280 specifications

• Flame spread Index is rated 25/50 Plenum rated to ASTM E84, UL723, CAN ULC S102.2

• Thermal Conductivity ASTM C 177 or C 518

• Water Vapor Permeability ASTM E 96

• Water Absorption ASTM C 1763

• UV Weather Resistance ASTM G154 tested to 5000 hour

• Protection against thermal losses, condensation and moisture ingress

• Meets IECC code requirements for outdoor installation

• Meets code requirements for installation in plenums

• Meets California Building Energy Efficiency Standards Title 24

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