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Free shipping on all fitting orders over $200
Free shipping on all fitting orders over $200

**Please note than when ordering Poly Coated Copper Tubing it is called and ordered by the Outside Diameter. Example : An order of 5/8" Poly/Copper would yield .625-OD X .035 Wall X Length.

The Copper manufactured to the chemical, mechanical, cleanness and eddy-current test requirements specified in ASTM B280.  

ASTM B280 is the Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service and is measured and called by the Outside Diameters. 

All of the specifications require a minimum copper plus silver content of 99.9% and phosphorus content between .015 - .040%. As indicated by the 

compositional requirements, the copper tube is essentially lead free.  Alloy C12200

Coil Length : 100 FT

Added Corrosion Protection

  • Polyethylene coating protects copper from corrosion
  • Polyethylene is one of the most inert plastics available

Can Be Used For Both Above & Below Ground

  • Carry one inventory
  • Quick and easy underground installation
  • No on-site sleeving required in most cases

Easy To Identify

  • Permanent yellow polyethylene coating
  • Continuous line-marking
  • Traceable back to the origin of manufacture

Easy To Install

  • Flexible, easy to join, compact size
  • No additional training required
  • Requires smaller and fewer tools than steel pipe





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