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Free shipping on all fitting orders over $200
Free shipping on all fitting orders over $200

**Please note when ordering Type ACR that it is called and ordered by the Outside Diameter. Please refer to chart below. Example : An order of 1/2" ACR from the drop down menu would yeild .500 OD x .035 Wall X Length.

Additional freight required to ship 20 ft lengths

TYPE L - ACR/OXY/MED Hard 20 FT Lengths is Cleaned And Capped/Degreased to ensure tube reaches customer in a pure, defect-free state. In addition, our ACR tube is nitrogen charged up to 8-1/8 OD. ACR tube is also suitable for Refrigeration, Natural Gas And Medical gas systems according to ASTM B-280, B-819. ACR Type L copper tubing is typically used with wrot copper fittings called by the OD and not the NOM sizes. ASTM specifications are C12200, ASTM B-280

This Pipe Is Called And Ordered By The OD With The Same Wall Thickness As Type L

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